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IMAGOVFX is an innovative Start-up registered at Turin's "Camera di Commercio Industria Artigianato e Agricoltura".


The company’s objective is the development and production of service innovation with high technological value, and more specifically the supply of technical services for film/audiovisual post-production and creation of Visual Effects.

It is compliant with the sector’s most advanced formats in international standards and is particularly innovative in its production processes thanks to the use of a high-tech web-based platform.


IMAGOVFX is thus able to completely replace the physical infrastructure of a traditional post-production while ensuring security and reliability and providing all the useful tools for those remotely working in the "cloud".

Thanks to new technologies, a combination of hardware and software, projects can be handled by the most renowned players in the sector wherever they may be located, eliminating the physical constraints on a company’s geographical location.


A traditional post-production would not be capable of continuous development and innovation as it is restricted by geographical and cultural limitations.

The "Cloud" tools in use together with IMAGOVFX allows for collaborators to continuously and effectively update their skills through a constant comparison with other social, technical and cultural realities.

Market development is promoted and contributes to the creation of new production scenarios.

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